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In the Spring of 2012 we were appointed Notary Public of Norrtälje by Länsstyrelsen (the County Administrative Board). 


Among other things the Notary Public certifies signatures and copies of documents, which is often needed for various legal actions abroad.


Please note that the Notary Public does not know what kind of certification you need, you must ascertain that information yourself, and you must bring all the necessary documents you want certified.


Witnessing your signature

When you need the Notary Public to witness and certify your signature, you must personally sign the document in the presence of the Notary Public and show valid ID (passport/driving license/ID-card etc.).



Apostille is an international certification which is applicable in the countries that have signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents on 5 October 1961. In Sweden only Notary Publicii are allowed to issue Apostille and then on the following documents: 


  • documents issued by Swedish authorities which are signed and sealed by a clerk with the issuing authority

  • translations made by authorised translators 

  • documents certified by (another) Notary Public in Sweden


We do not perform any translations. If you need to have a document translated we recommend that you contact Kammarkollegiet (The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency):


Apostille and all other types of certifications cost 500 kr each. Please note that payment is cash only - we do not accept credit cards, and we do not use Swish.


For time consuming proceedings, large amounts of documents, or proceedings out of office we apply the legal aid tariff (which for 2022 is 1 802:50 kr/hour).


To make an appointment with the Notary Public please contact us by email:, or telephone: 0176-106 30.

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